View Prompt Template Source

View Prompt Template Source was lauchned after early access to AIPRM Titans,
now for all users of the in AIPRM Elite plan.


The problem of all "It shouldn't be a feature to pay for" that have been discussed a lot, IS :

You can’t judge some paid features in AIPRM based on what that feature does …
But should evaluate it based on how much TIME it saves …
and I think all of us know (or should know) that TIME is the most valuable thing for any human being.

Considering that, most of the features you don’t have to pay for them, if you’re the kind of person who has no problem to sit all night doing it all him/her-self.

And it was always been there, but you didn't recognize it :

Hey there! I have a suggestion regarding the Source of Public Community Prompts. I believe that it should be made available to all subscribers, regardless of their payment plan. It shouldn’t be a feature used to push people to upgrade their plans. What do you think?

If it wasn’t recognized it may be because with so much going on it will take a good amount of time to really know what is to offer. I am excited to see the prompts but alas I’m not thinking I’m in the right category of user. Maybe it’s because I’m on my phone and not the laptop but the interface is not as easy to navigate and that’s fine but I want to learn how the prompts are engineered. Ai is fascinating. I used to imagine speaking to lambda but before I could find that program it was gone. I know it’s still used. Forgive me for going off topic.

@Jillanne_Venable you should sign up for the Bard access - bard.google.com - as that allows you to use your voice to prompt it, just as you can any other chrome/android stuff.

Bard is definitely different to ChatGPT, but if your aim is a better understanding of AI and how to interact with it effectively, it is easily every bit as good for that purpose.

I am excited to try to get that info thank you. Can’t wait to see the difference between the language models. I’m curious about what you say the differences are.

I’ve written a lot more background about Bard, and my first impressions, at Google's Bard Has Launched! @Jillanne_Venable