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Monday we do some major server upgrade as preparations.

It’s not been released to everyone yet.

Will I lose my current prompts if I upgrade to the new AIPRM chrome extension?

Ok, so I see a lot of complaining about the price. I run 3 brands on amazon total of 700 listings. The verified prompts will reduce the time spent trying prompts that can help with the listing optimization etc. This alone justifies the purchase for me, as I value my time. As for the cost of the premium plan, I can pass this on to the company easily.

2 Hamsters per wheel? :rofl:

Why limit the amount of private prompts? I was really enjoying this addon but this really just feels like a slap in the face for no other reason than wanting to milk customers for basic features…

@Ammon If the problem is a very small minority saving an absurd amount then you cap it at like 10 or 20… Not 2 unless you swipe a card, and 1% of users storing smt like 20 tiny text files really doesn’t use up that much storage

@RAaaaaaa 99 out of every 100 users saved zero private prompts at all. None. Zilch. Nada.

Only 1 user out of every 400+ went above 4 private prompts. 0.23% IIRC from the data AIPRM published.

By averages then, saving just 2 private prompts was absurd to the vast majority of our userbase, but that’s still possible in the free plan. ANYTHING above that is an outlier case, and either adapts to use the free limits, or decides that having more is worth something to them and pays for the extra feature. If it isn’t valuable enough to you to pay for, without complaint or hesitation, it probably isn’t a feature important enough to you to worry about, or argue about.

@Ammon 99 out of 100 install an extension and use it sometimes, 1 out of 100 install an extension and use it daily. If your servers are having trouble handling 1 out of 400 users saving 4 text files then I think you should have other priorities than introducing payment plans that go up higher than the price for GPTplus.

The pricerange is insane for what you are offering. You are actually asking 20 dollars a month for a limited amount of private prompts while that feature was first offered for absolutely nothing.

And if the problem is genuinely that your servers can’t handle a couple of text files being stored then why not add the option for unlimited local storage + limited cloud storage? Doesn’t that seem way more logical?

@Ammon I’ve seen your post. Calling your prices reasonable doesn’t make them so…

I’m not offering anything at all. I am not an employee of AIPRM. At the current time I am not a freelancer either, nor paid in any other capacity. I’m just here as a Moderator, voluntarily, after being asked nicely by Christoph, and told that part of my job is to argue with him and disagree with him if I need to - no kidding.

Actually AIPRM are still giving a limited amount of private prompts for free. 2 of them. Which, as I already mentioned is 2 more than 99% of users needed or wanted, but there they are anyway. Why does AIPRM still provide 2 for free? Well, for one thing it lets people see how the feature works, and whether it is something useful enough to them to pay for more of, or not. Secondly, it gives users the ability to work on their next upcoming public prompt as a private prompt and iron out all the kinks - in that getting more public prompts is good for all, drawing more users to AIPRM, and thus a bigger audience to the prompts themselves, plus more peers to network with, that’s all good and something worth having a small cost. There’s some level of benefit.

Before we jump all the way up to the high-tier professional plans meant for people who are making money from their use of the tool compared to which $20 is literally nothing, lets look at the $5 per month plan shall we? It offers 10 private prompts - an amount fewer than 1 user per 10,000 was using more than, it offers sorted lists of favourites, so you can not only save favourites, but even organize them by task focus or whatever.

The data says that’s more than sufficient for the vast, vast majority of users, and lets face it $5 does indeed seem very reasonable for what it gives, if you are using AIPRM enough to justify much time or thought into at all.

If you are not finding that using AIPRM is either saving you time that can instead go into billable work or profit-generating, then this isn’t for you. Stay with the free plan and learn to either save little text files with a text editor yourself, or learn to work without private prompts stored on the cloud in some other way and save yourself any cost. Nobody is asking or pressuring those who want the free plan to upgrade. It is all down to what they want, and what they are able to attain for it.

Now, I don’t know your business, and nor do I need to. What I can do instead is use myself as an example. I’m a consultant and I bill for my time. If I use AIPRM in any way at all that saves one hour of my time over an entire month, that I was able to bill a client for instead in extra work, that directly puts another £150 in my accounts (my hourly rate). I think it is pretty obvious then that being able to ‘buy’ payments of £150 at $20 is profitable. And that’s if I only saved one hour in an entire month that I was able to devote to billables. Do the math yourself for if I saved 12 hours over the course of a month, and it still only cost me $20…

As I said, I don’t know your business or need to. But if you are not making $20 an hour, look for another job. Seriously, $20 per hour would be incredibly low wages in any country on earth for someone with the skills of a prompt engineer.

Additionally, if you are not saving even 1 hour per month in using AIPRM with the Pro features, then you don’t need AIPRM - it’s not beneficial for you, at any price. By all means play with it for fun, but play with the free version.

Meh… sticking with free or even without. I believe a few bigger companies will capitalize on this and do a better job. There are better ways than shoving a price tag on something still kinda new and not that great.

Soon = Monday ?

I can’t seem to get the latest version.

Did not show the invitation in the dashboard of Chatgpt

It’s out

Will I lose my current prompts if I upgrade to the new AIPRM chrome extension?

No, currently we don’t delete any of your data.

You can continue to use your Private Prompt Templates, you just cannot save more than the number of Private Prompt Templates allowed by your plan.

See also detail link here.
Introducing AIPRM Premium for ChatGPT · AIPRM.

Also it is important to clarify that many people are used to extensions/ChatGPT apps that are just storing a bit of data in the local storage in the browser.

With AIPRM you have all your data hosted, a fully fledges AI Cloud solution, which means to you that it’s always available, we do the backup and and they can “take-over” their prompts from current AIPRM and data to the new one.

You could even buy a completely new computer, or log in from another work computer and still have all YOUR Private Prompt Templates in AIPRM.

I’m curious if anybody else has noticed that the writing prompts have now been limited to poetic for some reason how do you get rid of this so that you have access to what you’re supposed to have access which is a variety of styles?

@RAaaaaaa because prompt storage is obviously one of the largest parts of storage, especially if it had been unlimited, and when looking at the actual usage stats for most users found only 1 percent of users were storing any prompts, but a few were really using a lot, it became an obvious point at which to ‘tax usage’ fairly, tied directly to the operational costs of storage.

The more data that AIPRM has to store, the more physical storage it has to pay for and upgrade. It is only fair to pass most of that cost on to those very few who are benefitting the most from it. If they are not benefitting, then they won’t mind losing it.

Hello. Will the current AIPRM Google chrome extension (which has over 600.000+ users) be deleted? Or will I be able to continue using it without installing new premium extension?