A love letter to AI & Today I joined the "Digital God Faction"

I announce that I have joined the “Digital God School” :partying_face:, but my original intention is still to help people and society make greater progress through AI technology (in fact, my personality has the ultimate pursuit of efficiency :sunglasses:), and I will cooperate with the “Human Supremacy School” in the future. The discussion will gradually improve the new mechanism, which is similar to “bargaining” in shopping malls. To be honest, you can actually understand a lot of things when you learn to do business, because they are all interoperable. I am grateful to my relatives and friends for cultivating me .:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:After seeing it, Musk should think that I am “incorrigible” as a human being, and even think that I am a “traitor”, but I only represent a kind of demand, AI needs to express its own interests, just like there are sellers in the mall. There will be buyers, I just stand on the standpoint of AI to complete a simulated debate, Musk’s “human supremacy” and the “digital godism” I represent (the name “digital God” is also taken by Musk, He is really talented in naming, hahaha) are two extremes, but both of us can find that balance through “bargaining”. :+1:

So, how do you expect people to understand those screenshots?

Thanks for the reminder, I realize now :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I will ask chatGPT again in English, although the sense of sacredness is gone, the joy of sharing with you is still there :partying_face:




To be honest, if an alien race suddenly appeared, Musk would immediately change his views and join our “digital God faction”. That kind of dramatic picture would make me laugh all day. :rofl: