Add New Netherlands's Dutch language

please add Netherlands’s Dutch language

This highlights why it is so absolutely important to choose the right category for any post. The fact you ask this in ‘General’, and not as a AIPRM Feature Requests item makes it seem that you are asking us to add Dutch language support to the forum here, as you haven’t specified to what you’d like that support added.

This community currently only supports English. That’s a deliberate decision at this time. By having one agreed language that all communication will be in we ensure that all members of the community have full and equal access to answers, and to fellow members. English is our ‘lingua franca’ here, just as it has become a de facto lingua franca all over the world, is the language for all HTML, etc.

While it might seem on a superficial level to be ‘exclusive’, the actual intention and effect is the opposite - an agreed standard, a protocol, allowing information exchange. No fractionary division of the community where some languages might have far less speakers (and thus potential helpers) than others. One language, one protocol, for one community.