After 2 perfect results, it doesn't follow the prompt. Any thoughts?

Hi everyone! Simple but important question: why a prompt provides good answers only once or twice and then the third time it changes the results? This happens in the same chat, without breaks of time in the middle. The prompt works perfectly and then pam! it stops following the instructions. It drives me crazy.

For example, I provided and refined a prompt to rewrite the chapters of a book. For the first and second chapters, the results were great. But for the third one, it changed the tone, the point of view, it “quoted” the original text, etc. I don’t get it.

Any solutions?

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Try to tell it in your first prompt, not to do that, and do that, and not to forget that.

Hey @Soni_Wombat Ask it to stick with the same tone as the last, or better yet, use the command “I want you to act as a…” and request that it stay in character. This tends to work well for me. Good luck :+1:

Yes, I’ve tried this but still doing the same. :confused:

Ah, you’re right! I’ll try it then.