AIPRM for Google Business Profile Optimizations

Hi team - I’ve been using AIPRM since the beginning to optimize Google Business Profiles (also known as GMBs / BGPs) in the following ways:

  • Writing updates/posts
  • Coming up with more SEO optimized business descriptions
  • Coming up with more SEO optimized services to add to their profiles
  • Coming up with more SEO optimized descriptions for those services
  • Responding to reviews

Do you have any other ideas for using AI / AIPRM to manage Google Business Profiles?

I’d love to find a way to use AI / AIPRM for more functions. Does anyone have any ideas? Feel free to contact me if you ever want to chat about GMB/GBP best practices.


I have been following you since the day 1 on AIPRM, your prompts are great Mechaynt. Keep helping. I wish if you can work for image prompt also.


Thanks, mate! I really appreciate your feedback. I agree - an image creation prompt would be awesome. There are so many little details to make images look great and fit the needs of a Google Business Profile, so we’ve been researching what’s possible.


I was in a conversation on Twitter and noticed a few people working with image prompts including creating snippets. Here’s the thread It includes Wordlif, Andrea Volpini and Margaret Warren who works with Image snippets…

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This is awesome - thanks a lot!


Thanks for your prompts, I’ve been using them quite a lot lately, just had to create around 40 pin drops and all of them have a description generated with the help of your prompts and a bit of editing here and there. Appreciate your contribution to AIPRM!
Looking forward to discussing GBPs with you.

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Thanks mate! I really appreciate the feedback. We’re building a new AI tool for GMBs which will be ready in a few weeks… it sounds like it’ll be very helpful for you!

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I use your prompt as well. With images, I have to upload them to the Google cloud API to check for safety, etc. Might be nice to have that API in an image tool

I also use your prompt for writing post updates, events, offers and for products in Google Business Profiles. I will be sure to post here anymore use cases that I stumble on or hear about

Thanks, Mark! I’ll keep you posted on a new really cool GBP tool we’re building that I think you’re going to like based on what you’re saying :slight_smile:


Hey Mark, as promised, you may want to check out our new AI chrome extension that takes our local SEO prompts and puts it right into Google Business Profiles. More info at I’d love your feedback on it!

I try the GMB prompt today. thanks for the initiative.

1/ i’m french and the categories proposed as content result does not exist in french for 70% of them
2/ In the description short or long it put caps on categories word or keywords
3/ i don’t know where to put short description, not field for that… you mean title ?
4/ for the services part : services are cloased to the related categories, if you put directly (one per line) category eand sub services in the render it will be easier for management and copy past

if you need help or test for french language don’t hesitate

COuld you publish the prompt to analyze how to optimize it ? Prompt "Optimize Your Google Business Profile (GMB)" by "Google Business Profile Services" - AIPRM for ChatGPT