AIPRM Plan Stacking UX

AIPRM supports plan stacking.

You can buy multiple plans of the same or different packages, to increase your quota.

So you can by 2 x AIPRM Pro and increase your limits with it. The forum is full of explanations about that.

Still some, few, users have problems understanding that concept,
even when they are asked again for their billing details and credit card approval on the subsequent purchase.

We even give them a warning that

You have recently purchased a subscription. Please confirm you would like to add another subscription.

And of course they have to click “Confirm” here,
before entering their credit card and billing details again,
before even purchasing the 2nd subscription.

Still, for over half a year, every week we have someone telling their bank that we “tricked” them into a second charge, or that they “did not authorize” the charge, or that it was even “fraudlent.”

As mentioned many times, we don’t support forced refunds (charge backs) and therefore lock down such accounts completely, immediately.

However, what still puzzles me - how many more confirmations and notifications and polling of user consent are needed for (very few) people to grasp what they are actually doing?

I’m not worried about those few unjustified chargebacks,
and we even win a good number of them, when we provide all evidence.

But I would really like to improve the UX here.


We can add a status information for the current subscription plan on the ‘Account’ tab also, in

For example:
AIPRM Plus x1 / x2 / x3 (indicating the stack count)

and when adding a stacked subscription, we can update the text in UX above, to:

Current: AIPRM Elite x1
New: AIPRM Elite x2

** and the same text remains the same **