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I am a complete newbie to AIPRM and I have just played around a little with ChatGPT.

I pretend to use ChatGPT primarily to help me to write scientific content, fictional stories mixed with real facts and places, and maybe tourism guides. Sometimes, those stories will be illustrated with images generated from Leonardo and/or Midjourney.

As I have a limited budget (who doesn’t?) of around 50 dollars, I would like to hear some advice from you, about where to put my money in order to be more efficient and productive.

For example: will it be better to sing for AIPRM Plus + ChapGPT Plus or AIPRM Pro + Free ChatGPT or Free AIPRM + ChatGOT Plus, etc.?

Thanks in advance.


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I would suggest this as your option:

But it will be a better idea if you go with AIPRM Pro + ChatGPT Plus (as it’s still within the 50$ budget), due to the access to AIPRM Verified Prompts (that AIPRM Plus doesn’t have).


Great questions. I’m with Moez on the ChatGPT Plus + AIPRM Pro. I use Midjourney, but Bing Images seems like a solid free option if you’re not trying to create too many images.

I really want to play around with Runway for video, but haven’t found the time yet. It looks so cool though! https://runwayml.com/

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