AIPRM Premium just launched

No, not THAT Brendan. the other.

Currently I am paying $20 for ChatGPT Plus, if I upgrade to AIPRM Pro, do I still need ChatGPT Plus?

Welcome Demy, yes AIPRM and OpenAI are two separate companies and offerings.


Hello, aiprm-christophc : I paid for the basic plan of us$22 annually and now it won’t let me log in and use it, what can I do?


Welcome Jorge!

This sounds like one of the many ChatGPT outages

When you make a screenshot or video it will be easier to help.

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IMHO, it’s totally overpriced! ChatGPT’s costs Billions to make, and we pay just $20 for it or even for free! AIPRM is just a Chrome Extension which uses Customers made Templates of promts which everyone can make. How can you justify this high price tag?

The basic price tag is, as it always was, free. I don’t think free needs any justification.

For certain extra features and capabilities there’s an extra fee. Mostly those are geared around the maintenance costs of those particular features - how much dev time, or what the processing power, or whatever is required not just to provide that service, but to develop and maintain it on an ongoing basis. AIPRM don’t justify those costs. Doesn’t matter at all if AIPRM thinks they are worthwhile, they base the decisions on user data, number of requests, cost benefit predictions, and then do the smart thing - make it optional. Either people find it worthwhile and buy it, or they don’t and don’t.

It does not ever matter how a company justifies its prices - it only ever matters if customers believe the benefit they get, in their particular situation and usage, is worth more than the price.

Either way, the basic free product is still free, and nobody is forced to upgrade at all.


I say this again…

It is overpriced if I compare the Benefit with other tools. As a company, you should find a good balance between “Price and Benefit and customer satisfaction” Imagine you buying an iPhone charging cable which is pricier than the iPhone, would you buy? At the End of the Day, it is just my opinion, and I’m just upset about the price, which is too high for what you get. Understanding other opinions is always a smart move. And yes, I get you as well! :slight_smile:

The Options: “Tone of Voice” and “Writing Style” are exactly two words to act as a promts! And for this, you have to pay $5! And again, it’s my opinion.


You know that comparing AIPRM to a company with billions of dollars of loss, and no profits, but has Microsoft as its rich sugar daddy makes no sense, right? OpenAI has never, ever, made a profit, nor even run at cost neutral. It is a massive, multi-billion dollar loss-leader that was funded initially as a non-profit that billionaires could invest into as a tax write-off, hoping to build a company where the whole exit strategy was to sell it to someone like DeepMind had sold to Google.

Even with products like Jarvis and Dall-E out there, OpenAI were running at a massive loss, and desperately needed more investors just to keep going. Releasing ChatGPT was their big ‘Hail Mary’ shot at getting that investment. And it worked. It got enough press and publicity that if Microsoft didn’t increase their small, token-level $1 Billion stake in the company, they’d lose out to other investors.

But Microsoft are not crazy, and not just some altruistic patrons of technology. They didn’t buy OpenAI LP outright. They bought a 49% share that meant no other single shareholder was going to own more than them, and they almost certainly didn’t pay for it all in cash. A large part of their offer for that 49% stake was in runtime on Azure, probably the integration into Bing, the offer of their brand and connections to help OpenAI keep growing, etc.

In return, you can be certain that Microsoft got a lot of promises and concessions that we don’t know about, on top of the main one that we do know - Microsoft get 100% of all the money OpenAI may make unless and until OpenAI has paid off that investment value.

(As an aside, I’d obviously point out that Microsoft’s 49% is a very telling amount. Often an investor might buy precisely 51% so they have the clear majority ownership, the ability to outvote anyone else, and have all of the control without all of the investment cost. 49% is as high as you can get without a majority shareholding, meaning they can still be outvoted by all the other shareholders voting against them. You can read a lot of politics into that. OpenAI themselves only own 2% of their own company, just enough to have the casting vote between the 2 blocks of 49%. You bet there’s a whole story there for those who know to look for it.)

You see how that’s a really, really unusual business setup (all public data you should know, of course) and not something to compare with a small team of software engineers in say, Vienna building a browser extension. A very advanced, feature-packed browser extension, but still, a browser extension for Chrome.


Extremely sad to see the freemium bait and switch biz model wonderfully exemplified by this chrome extension. The price increase is mind boggling. Should be studied as a classic example of greed based bait and switch!!

I’m afraid that ‘Bait and Switch’ doesn’t mean what you seem to think it means.

Bait and Switch is where someone shows you one product and a price, but when you get there you discover that the price was for an entirely different, and far lesser product. You see this on sites like Ebay and Amazon where the price you see turns out to just be for some accessory for the product they showed, not for the product at all.

AIPRM promises access to a large range of pre-built, pre-tested, pre-refined prompts, created by others that you can quickly and easily use, without spending those same hours or days on writing and refining those prompts yourself. And the price for that is ‘Free’.

And that’s exactly what you get. Alongside a bunch of side-features that hopefully make that main feature - access to all those prompts - even better.

It is NOT meant to be a ‘Private Prompt Saver And Organizer’ as its primary purpose or function, was never meant to be, and to an extent, creating private prompts dis-incentivises and promotes the wrong behaviours for all the things it is meant to do - encourage the SHARING of great, quality prompts.

That’s not me, or AIPRM, saying such tools should not be made or used. There’s hundreds of them, and there will be hundreds more, plus I’d bet there are always free, open-source versions already on GitHub. Which makes them a terrible business product. Literally no barrier to competition, and limitless competition, to do a task anyone could do with a Google Sheet and pressing Ctrl+C in seconds anyway. Value to users, about 2 seconds. Average price of products- Free.

If that’s the feature you are looking for, we’re happy to tell you to go and download one. Personally, just myself, I’d add that if that is what you are looking for, go with an open source one, and not one from anyone that looks like they might want to monetize it later, because to monetize it they’ll have to either put in tons of ads, or they’ll have to sell your data.

AIPRM is a different tool, for a different use. If it isn’t a use you need, don’t use it. If you do use it, and the free version does everything you need and want, don’t pay for the Premium Plans for features you don’t honestly need to where paying is a no brainer. If you doubt the value of a feature, it is not a no-brainer, don’t pay.

But please, have a little sense and don’t complain that the tool doesn’t work like some totally different tool, for some purpose that is not what it is designed for, and complain that charging you nothing was somehow a crime or cheating. It doesn’t make you look clever or reasonable.

Long winded, defensive and not very helpful. Patronising also! I am aware of B&S thanks for the definition though. In relation to your extension. Sadly the price the method etc, even though universal is unfortunately a measure of your capitalist greedhead adherence. I wish you well but long winded patronising leader responses are not so useful. Good luck and yes bye bye!

You know, I did notice the line about ‘greed’ the first time, but I let it slide so as not to embarrass you.

Ooh, right on Brother Trotski! What a compelling and persuasive argument. Free enterprise businesses are capitalists? OMG who knew? Have you considered calling the mainstream media about this amazing discovery that some businesses exist to make money from doing business?!

Let’s see if I understand you quite right. The fact that AIPRM eventually need to pay for the people employed to write code, the people who review prompts and remove spam, the people who have to deal with abuse, even from little twerps in forums, should all be done as a gesture of altruism? The servers they buy and run, the taxes they file, all of that should be some completely altruistic gift to someone like you to have utterly free, forever, when you won’t even have gratitude?

And in your strange headspace, AIPRM not doing that, despite literally already having invested huge amounts of money into those programmers, those services, those servers, and still providing much of it for free, shouldn’t have any kind of method of charging for premium extras to actually fund it all and keep it going, or even grow it all, all of that, is ‘greed’?


Well, cool story Bro.

So, where’s your service that does all this for free?

I mean, if not doing it is greedy, then you’ve done all this, right? You’re not some greedy whiny twerp spouting drivel on a forum. You are a proud socialist providing expensive tech to everyone for free. So, where is it? How many servers did you buy and are running? How many coders do you have not just to make it all, but to keep updating it every time anything changes? Give us all the URL of this wonderful socialist ideal, Bro.

Don’t give me any of that “But I can’t program stuff”. Nobody was born knowing how to program. They all went out and learned it in order to do important stuff (like living their ideals, and making software for others). They didn’t learn it by accident.

You will never hear a developer share that story: “So it was a Friday night, and it had been raining, and yes, I’d been drinking a bit. I’m on my way home and I slipped on a bit of slick ground, lost my balance, and fell right into being a Python Programmer!”
Nor hear the reply: “That’s nothing, I was visiting a friend when I accidentally sat on his C++ coursework and I unexpectedly absorbed it all up my ass. I jumped right up and wrote my first helloworld.exe right away…”

They devoted the time to learning it, so they could build cool stuff (or be paid more to build cool stuff for others).

You could just as easily have learned it all as anyone else did. What insane greedy motives were you following and indulging yourself in rather than learning how to provide tech to us all for free?

Doesn’t work that way? Ah, now we agree. Don’t bother replying. In fact, uninstall AIPRM. They genuinely don’t want people who are not happy with the tool. Nobody forced you to install it, just as nobody has ever tried to force you to upgrade it. If you don’t think it has value, you’d be a complete fool to keep using it. Or maybe that’s more non-news news?

Amen @Ammon

I could not agree more. :clap:

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Long live capitalist greed heads

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Pah. GPT4 just wishes it was this eloquent and could write so much! :rofl: