AIRPM + ChatGPT stops writing

Hello! I use AIPRM along with ChatGPT to write my articles, but every time I do that, ChatGPT starts writing and, suddenly, it stops and doesn’t write anymore. How do I resolve this?

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Okay, so, there’s a few things you can do in a situation like this to help yourself, and to help us to help you.

The first is to quickly scan the forum, or even do a search - is this a thing affecting lots of people or just you? If it was a problem affecting all, you’d certainly see lots and lots of threads about it, so you already know that, for some reason, you are an exception to the norm, a special case, meaning something about your specific usage or circumstances is behind this. See how I got there?

So, taking the fact that you now know, from simple logical deduction that the issue is specific to your use or circumstance, you know that you’re going to need to detail that specific use and circumstance, so that others can tell you which parts they are doing and not having the same problem with. Again, this is deductive, logical reasoning. Eliminate what isn’t wrong, and whatever you are left with… (To paraphrase Sherlock Holmes).

Finally, knowing (1) that you will need to post (if there had been existing posts on the topic the answers would have already been there), and (2) the specifics of what you will need to post (details about your situation and use, as specific and detailed as possible to allow for eliminating what isn’t wrong) you simply need to do one final, very simple bit of logic - post in the right category so that people looking for this in future, like you should have in step (1) can more easily find it (and so it is where those looking to help can find it) - it is a problem that only affects those writing prompts, so, pretty obviously, that makes it a Prompt Author Questions issue.

Make sure you detail ANY and ALL other browser extensions you may have that might be conflicting (trying to modify the exact same variables at the same time), and as precisely as possible exactly what kind of prompts you are using (an example would be perfect).

This time, I will move this post of yours for you, but please, be a good member of the community in future and do just a little of the work yourself. Don’t make it harder than it needs to be to help you for free.


I appreciate your efforts exlain these simple rules so detailled @Ammon

RULE: Read before Posting

RULE: Read and Learn. Don’t expect a Copy/Paste Quick Fix