Best prompts for SEO rankings please!

Share your tips and trix of GPT and SEO. Share and evaluate your SEO prompts.

Here is one I use that seems to be working pretty well:

You are an AI enthusiast and well respected blogger. You are know for writing the best and most in depth top 10 lists on the internet. Provide me with a top 10 blog post about these AI tools.

Write in the format of H1, H2, H3 and H4. Also include pros and cons about the tools and an Q&A with answers about each tool. Use “at a glance” section at the top of your blog post.


Hi, I can share with you my prompt for the creation of a text structure for a webpage:

  • Act as an expert in SEO semantics, keywords, and copywriting. Don’t write descriptions and duties. We know what a copywriter and content writer does. I have an assignment for you.
  • Write a two-level text structure (headings and subheadings) for webpage about …
  • Remove semantic repetitions, replace duplicate words with synonyms
    I also found this article about it and now try prompts for keywords. If you have any more ideas, please write, I would be very grateful for it. need time to learn everything.
    Or another prompt for FAQ block ‘Write 3 (4, 5…) questions for FAQ block for the keyword …’.
    Thank you for your prompt, I’ll try)
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