📢 Can someone please help me find a generative AI prompt expert?

:robot: I’m working on a project that involves creating 10 prompts to allow different generative AIs like chatGPT 3.5, 4.0, Jasper, ERNIE, BARD, etc. to compete with each other in creating Chinese content (not directly … we will fire the same post with each of these tools to see the results, have them rated by someone who doesn’t know they were written by an AI).

:uk: With the help of the prompt engineering expert, we will create an English prompt and have it translated into Mandarin Chinese by a native speaker experienced in using chatGPT (as our test is about to see how well they can cope with Chinese prompts and Chinese output).

:bookmark_tabs: The results of the test will be summarized in a blog post (English), linkedIn (English) and, of course honoring the prompt engineer who helps us with this AI-comparison project. If you have a website of your won - you’ll get a link of course.

:wave: If you have the expertise or know someone who does, please get in touch with me directly. Let’s collaborate and showcase the power of AI!

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