Change my login email and password

When ever I use aiprm on gpt it uses my google details which is a free account. However I have a private email account where I pay.
Hos can I change to this account

You can log in with your other Google account here:

After that, log out of your current AIPRM account here:

and then log in again by selecting the correct Google account here:

Please pay close attention to the email address displayed next to your name on Signup - AIPRM for ChatGPT to confirm that it’s the correct AIPRM account.

Peter Webb I want to use my account
This is the account I have and am paying for aiprm

Not my google account

How do I change this please

Peter Webb whenever I login it ALWAYS uses my google account
How can I change this

I would recommend not posting your email address here on the public forum. Please reach out to the support team at to resolve this.