Chatgpt error after removing aiprm extension

I downloaded the aipem extension and didnt like it on my laptop. After deleting it i now only get werors when i try to chatgpt account on this device. How do i fix this?

Sorry to hear that you’re having troubles.

Based on the information you have provided, it appears that the issue is not related to AIPRM.

Please note that AIPRM and OpenAI are separate entities. As a result, we are unable to assist directly with ChatGPT access issues.

However, we suggest you continue reaching out to OpenAI support, as they are the appropriate party to handle your ChatGPT access concerns.

Additionally, it is important to note that ChatGPT by OpenAI has also experienced multiple outages recently. This could have also contributed to the difficulties you were experiencing.

Im aware but Im wondering if anyone else has this issue and if they ifixed it.

It sounds like you just have the normal ChatGPT outages everyone has @Frostysstudii

To move forward from guessing to investigating,
please share some screenshots or a video or the error you are referring to.

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I dont have any but i enter a prompt on laptop and get an error. So i go to my cellphone to generate the response. Then i go back to the laptop and refresh to see the chat on the side.