ChatGPT users' credit card details are LEAKED

I was credited yesterday by 1064$ and today another try of 1000$, but got aware of the second. Be warned and keep an eye to your CC statement or better close your CC! ChatGPT users' credit card details and personal information are LEAKED after AI was hit by a 'bug' | Daily Mail Online

So you had you CC data in the Chat Titles?

Sounds like you fell victim to the sensationalism from yellow press you linked, terrible source.

Wow, that did really have happen …

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OpenAI do their billing via Stripe.

They do not get full credit card details - that’s the point of using Stripe.

But yes, last 4 digits.

“Payment related” data leaked could be billing addresses maybe, that’s possible.


It doesn’t matter to me, I use a virtual bank card :sunglasses: