Connect ChatGPT

Hey guys. I’m trying to connect ChatGPT to my AIPRM account to access advanced features.
I did the 3 steps:
I installed the extension
I opened a new browser tab with ChatGPT and I’m logged into the OpenAI account.
And when I click on the button, the message appears:
Could not send message to extension. Please make sure the AIPRM for ChatGPT extension is installed and enabled, and you have an open tab with ChatGPT logged into your OpenAI account.

Does anyone have any ideas what’s wrong? My subscription is free.

Check that you are using the exact same gmail account for both.

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i download the extension and open the chatgpt account but there is a message appeared on chatgpt account Failed to ger service status.
kindly me to get access.

See: A Hockey Stick found due to ChatGPT Outage => Double Traffic AIPRM => AIPRM Outage

ChatGPT is down at OpenAI’s end of things.