Connect only possible with Google account

I signed-up to AIPRM with another email address without Google account. When I try to connect my ChatGPT account to this AIPRM account I’m only offered a Google account selection but cannot use my other email address without Google account.

Is it mandatory to use a Google account? Why would I have been able to create an AIPRM account then without a Google account?

Currently, you cannot create an AIPRM account without a Google account:

Do you mean a ChatGPT account, perhaps?

After installation of the Edge extension during first use of I was asked to sign-up for an AIPRM account. I did so with an email address which is not associated with a Google account and it was working fine. I’m able now to use the AIPRM forum based on this account. But, a bit later I was asked to connect my OpenAI account to my AIPRM account and there I’m only offered to use a Google account. This is inconsistent and confusing. You should either allow to use email-based non-Google accounts in both cases or prevent to sign-up with an email address that is not associated with a Google account in all places.

There appears to be a misunderstanding. Your AIPRM Forum account is currently independent of your AIPRM account. The AIPRM account has always required a Google account to proceed.