Contest: Win $5000 for your best ChatGPT Prompt! 🏆

To add to this, @Man_ontheMoon @Aaron_Johnson
it’s also good practice to describe your prompt, with examples in this category

Promote your AIPRM Prompt

following this template

It helps users better understand your prompt,
and then of course will use them more,
and then of course you’ll have better chances :slight_smile:


Hy, AIPRM extension with chat gpt is a very important tool that helps you with your daily problem, and questions. like related to website development, management, SEO, sem, marketing, software engineering, and many more.


I have used ChatGPT for about 2 months. It is a useful AI tool for all kinds of document work. I like this. I suggest that please update ChatGPT by 2023. So that the existing material can also be used.

great and excellent job done

Hello everyone! ChatGPT is a huge help for me on my job, and aiprm is a great extension for it. It’s a great idea to make a prompt contest))


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I have been using chat gpt for 3 months using AIPRM and it has been a very useful user. Thank you for your quality efforts.

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Super excited about this.

Not a good idea to make ChatGPT generate a prompt for you, instead of which you are supposed to generate the prompt for it.

Prompt Engineering is the field that shouldn’t be replaced by AI, because it’s made for AI.

It should only help you.

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After seeing multiple entries submission…
Some participants have missed some rules.


For the sake of an organized contest, to differentiate between normal replies and submitted prompts in this thread/topic.
The entries submitted by participants should be in the Promote your AIPRM Prompt Topic Category with a topic tag: #contest or #contest_1 (as there may be more contests in the future).

Because … imagine anyone sees “Win $5000” and immediately dumbs his/her prompts in this thread without even reading the rest of the post/rules or even knowing what AIPRM is.

@aiprm-christophc @Aaron_Johnson @Ammon What do you think?


Yes, I agree @RealityMoez - we need to put up better rules. It’s very unorganized already - we won’t create the AIPRM prompts ourselves for the people, from the sources posted here - and also usage data cannot happen

@aiprm-mikek @Aaron_Johnson I would add to the rules today, that we require

1/ Proper Entry in Promote your AIPRM Prompt required
2/ A tag set to “contest_1”
3/ Multiple entries only possible after 5 upvotes, of course, for the 1st prompt. And should separate topic in Promote your AIPRM Prompt


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This is a great idea! Should make things much more organized.


Perfect. I’ll get the rules updated accordingly


HI, sir I am ash how is it login into this program what have to do in this program

First of all, you sign up on chatGPT and the next AIPRM for chatGPT on sign up and add to the Google extension. And next up you sign up AIPRM community and participate in this contest. You make a prompt and submit it.


Wow_I’m very excited!!