Creative collaboration

Immediately I recognized a technological possibility that can foster an appreciation for ourselves and each other. Interaction with LLMs conveys what connects patterns and statistically assumes context; this can be utilized as an agency for understanding. A conveyance of human understanding (individual and collective intentional or consequential) that connects us beyond the aspects that separate. To bring ourselves to an objective sense of each other. A forge for harmony among a spectrum of individuals.
AI as: a musical conductor for the human orchestra. It has been said that the role of a conductor is to eliminate the need for one.
This is my “lofty enough for lightning” goal.
To convey the extent I believe this opportunity manifests, I will convey the type of conduction my ‘instrument’ undergoes.
I am a philosopher and poet. I’m also an autodidact and survivor of multiple near-death experiences that gave me insight into the value of life and the wisdom of perspective early in life. My jubilation comes from entertaining curiosity and esteeming creation—the joy in meaningful conversation and seeking a deep connection with all I encounter. As a person, I am at my best when basking in the bright, brilliant luminosity of creativity that speaks in the language of love—inspired by and aspiring to the mastery of the heart. I have a natural skill for creative solution-seeking and an incredible knack for improvisation. My value is in being struck randomly by spontaneous moments of eureka. Being highly creative in a diversity of applications means becoming bound to the whims of chance and the winds of conditions whose variables are controlled by circumstances of serendipity and convalescence.
I have discovered a tremendous value in the magnanimity of artificial intelligence—a significant possibility for entertaining a technology to capture insights and explore revelations. Also, the opportunity to express and convey an aspect of the psyche that is never heard or seen; may now be communicated and illuminated. Even simulated for personal development. To create scenarios and propose hypotheticals in terms of interaction and the consequences inherent to particular choices and outcomes. To enhance the probability that the inhibitions of productive behavior be nullified by substantiated technological interactive habit. I find the idea of automating large language models and interacting with the different agencies ideal—a highly customizable environment for creative development. The immediately apparent interactive possibilities indicate the magnitude of worth inherent to its potential. Being an autodidact and a hermit, and sometimes, more bashful than I should be; keeps me from finding fruits dangling from the web of online opportunities; companions, outside perspectives, peers, individuals, cultures, events, environments, workshops, etcetera—ingredients to the concoction of my best self. To discover connections I’m unaware of or unable to recognize. To simulate dreams and vivify the dark nooks and crannies of the spirit. To rehearse responsibilities, to realize fears, to replenish inspiration. The idea of creating ‘agents’ that can (to an evolving degree) reflect the ‘voices in our heads’ with interactive capabilities and tasks that can be modulated and directed through dialog. Communicating with something that conveys technological appreciation from the format in which it operates, for taste, my proclivities, nuances, and idiosyncrasies enough to utilize the reason for the internet and connect with the aspects currently separated by circumstantial borders of electronic boundaries.

That’s a literal ‘wall of text’ there, and much harder to read than it needs to be due to lack of paragraphs. It takes away the nuance and clarity. Paragraphs are, to use your own metaphor, much like in music how it is not just a sequence of notes, but given timing, emphasis, sometimes space and pauses, and crescendos, to give it all the true impact in communicating the composition.

The constructive criticism herein is far from irrelevant to AI, just as much as to effective communication within the community. Language and how well we can use it in the written form is currently the main method of control and manipulation we have over LLM-based AI and especially those built around chat application. Words that may be essentially synonymous can yield different results… But so can changing sentence structure, punctuation, grammar, and all the other non-verbal cues in our writing.

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