Critique a journal

I currently have an assignment from college to critique a journal or paper, is there a prompt that can be used, I’ve looked at several options but they don’t fit.

It would be pretty easy to prompt ChatGPT (or any other similar LLM AI) to critique a paper that you pasted into the prompt (a prompt can be 4,000 tokens, which is roughly 3,000 words in ChatGPT3.5, and possibly longer with GPT4).

What ChatGPT would then do, is refer to all the millions of documents it was trained on for what patterns make a ‘critique’, and apply those same patterns to the subject specified. It would create a somewhat bland, entirely predictable and derivative critique, almost identical to anyone else in your college that had made a similar prompt, including your tutor if they’d thought to check the ChatGPT output themselves so they’d have no trouble spotting anything similar.

If your tutor had any suspicions (very likely having several reasons to be suspicious), asking you about your process, and your thinking, explaining how you came up with ‘your’ critique, well, you’d either need to be an incredibly clever and persuasive liar, or you’d have a very high chance of being caught.

Doing your college assignments is simple, compared to the tasks an actual job is going to throw at you. It’s going to take you more work to hide your use of AI than just to do the task honestly yourself. Why risk your entire course and all your grades, even your chance of ever graduating, just to avoid homework, which you’ll one day look back on as the easiest work you ever had?

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