False Claim: Issue of Views, Likes, and Uses Not Updating

I am writing to address a concerning issue that has been persistent for the past three days regarding the functionality of the AIPRM Extension. It appears that the views, likes, and uses of prompts are not updating properly within the system. I am uncertain about the exact cause of this problem, but I suspect that it could be due to the AIPRM server being down or some other coding issue.

The lack of updates in the metrics related to prompt activity is not only inconvenient but also raises questions about the reliability of the system. Prompt views, likes, and uses are vital indicators for content creators and users to gauge the popularity and effectiveness of their prompts. Without accurate and timely updates, it becomes challenging to make informed decisions and optimize our interactions with the platform.

Considering the significance of prompt metrics, I kindly request the attention of the forum administrators and technical team to investigate and resolve this issue promptly. It is crucial to identify whether the problem lies with the AIPRM server or if there are any underlying coding issues causing the malfunction.

In addition, I encourage other forum members who have experienced the same issue to share their observations, as it would provide valuable insights into the scope and impact of this problem. Collaborative efforts in troubleshooting can greatly contribute to expediting the resolution process.

Let us come together as a community and support the prompt system to ensure its smooth functioning. I sincerely hope that the forum administrators and technical team will take swift action to address this issue and keep us updated on the progress made towards resolving it.

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

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Can you be more specific about the problem you are alleging? I ask because, obviously, there has just been a very visible competition where the uses and votes were a part of the criteria used - ANNOUNCEMENT: The Winners of our AI Prompts for Small Business Success Contest 🎉

As you can quickly see for yourself, lots of views and votes logged on prompts that were only created relatively recently.

I am expiericing exactly the same issue, that’s why I showed up here. The views, number of times used and like stats have been static for about 3 days now. I am pretty certian the promps are still being seen and used because I am getting a normal amount of click throughs. I will say, this happen a few times in the past and the previous times there was suddenly a big jump in the stats all at once. This seems to indicate limited or perhaps no data loss, just a dealy in reporting. I can not say for certin it will happen the same way this time, as it doese seem to be lasting longer this time. And for the record, yes I have tried disabling AIPRM for a while and later re-enabling it. This does nothing for this particular issue. And it is more than just “alleged”, it is a real issue.

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Good. That’s a lot more specific information about what you are seeing, and why you believe there is an issue (normal click-throughs), with the addition of a time-window (about 3 days). You see how that is all information that would be at the very least useful to a developer, where all we had before your post was very unspecific. Thank you.


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It’s interesting that these false claims of stats not updating come around the same time we have some weird complaints of prompts not being “good enough” and that the “stats would be not real” and also banning several attempts to manipulate AIPRM rankings.

This, and even the original involved poster, connect to other similar competitive actions monitored and banned whole accounts and prompts.

Especially during the active competition we’ve blocked spam attempts, as well as improved our anti-spam logics and systems.

Anyone sitting there trying to manipulate the system will have such “complaints” now.

This is not an issue but a confirmation that our measures work and cause expected resonance with “AIPRM Optimizers”.

Closing this thread - no further action.

And yes, it is an alleged problem for AIPRM. A real problem for spammers.