Good Prompts stopped working!?

I was building a new prompt today and it wasn’t working so I tested my 3 other prompts and none of them are working right now. I ask chatgpt to ask me the questions that are in the prompt and chatpgt says there is NO prompt to reference. It’s as if I’m just talking straight to gpt and the prompt container occurs as empty. Please help! FYI I have the Elite account.

We all have Elite accounts. I will let you in on a little secret. shhhhhh don’t tell anyone. You think chatgpt, that has not been connected to the internet since 2021 is providing you with real ranking data? hahahahahaha

It wasn’t connected to the Internet in 2021 either, @Damien_Monk. That is simply the most recent data that was added to the huge training corpus that GPT was trained with, and learned to understand how words relate to each other from.

With any version of GPT, including all the versions without internet access, you can provide extra data in your prompt that you want it to use. In fact, live crawling pretty much does exactly that, simply allowing it to retrieve data from a URL instead of needing you to type it out again.

How accurately it can interpret and use the data it is prompted with, either directly or via a URL, will remain something you need to verify and check carefully. When data in a prompt or URL is at odds with data it was trained with, there is always the potential for conflict and mixing things up.