GPT4 network error with several prompts

I have seen a lot of nwtrok error when generating content with several propmts, has anyone have had the same problems? Has anyone been able to fix it?



Seem to be prompts that create a large volume of content, it throws an network error around 400-500 words.

It then shows in plan text the raw command, which interesting to see how they are built… but does mean anyone could copy the prompts.

I tried adding pauses in every 300 words, that works 50% of the time but when resuming it occasionally goes off script.

Manually stop generating is the most effective workaround, then asking it to resume from the last header etc

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I noticed GPT-4 getting slower and slower the last 48 hours and they halfed their 100/4 hours already.

Looks like a lot of PLUS users enabled it, and once again it’s scalability.

Cannot wait until there’s a PRO plan at $50 or $100/mo for GPT4.

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There is just a limitations, i work like 12h/day with chatGPT and it seems like with more content i put into it to gather output from the chance for error increased

Today it started to work again I updated also the aiprm extension,

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