Graphics on GPT-4

I am unable to get the graphics to GPT-4, but I am a member and have access. I have seen clips of graphics within the app on other people’s accounts, but it gives me a negative response when I try. Would I need anything further like DALL-E-2, an API, and the GPT-4 API? Anyone got any insight please

I also have GPT-4 Plus, but I cannot find the GPT-4 version on Playground, and I am unable to use it on a regular chat

They showed, in the demo video, GPT4 working from image prompts, able to study and interpret image data input. But during that video I’m pretty certain they stated clearly this was a demo and the feature was not currently live for users (yet).

Is it possible that you are seeing a confusing mix of posts talking about the upcoming image interpretation, and stuff about the existing image-based AIs such as Dall-E and Midjourney (and others) and thinking it is all the same new thing you can’t seem to get access to (because it doesn’t exist yet)?