Having a problem with my site. Can anyone review it?

Hi there I am Mahesh.
Is there anyone who can solve my wordpress issue.
there are some 3xx error that are coming in my site. For review https://resoapk.com

Not really what this forum is for. No 3xx errors following that link, (though it is of course a nofollow and ugc marked link) so you’d need to explain where the errors are coming from. 3xx HTTP errors are generally down to redirects, and considering you are using a WordPress site, that’s usually going to mean you have one or more plugins handling whatever redirects you needed or wanted.

You are correct that 3xx HTTP errors are typically related to redirects. However, in my previous response, I was not referring to a specific link or website, so I apologize for any confusion that may have caused.
Have you checked my website

That’s what I’m trying to explain to you. 3xx errors ARE referring to a redirect, and thus happen only in regards to a specific URL being requested, thus unless you can tell us a specific link or website where that error is occurring, we have nothing to examine.

Looking at your website with the correct URLs won’t tell me anything about the redirects or how they are occurring.

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