Help! ChatGPT Can't Think Outside the Box for My Blog. Any Suggestions?

Hello fellow ChatGPT users,

I’m struggling to get ChatGPT to think outside the box for my blog posts. I’ve tried being as specific as possible in my prompts, but I can’t seem to get the AI to output what I’m looking for. It’s like I’m not giving it the right idea with my prompts, or it does not understand me.

Here’s what I’m looking for: I want to turn public-domain, royalty-free literature from the late 1800s and early 1900s into a series of interesting blog posts. These books are treasure troves of information in my specific blogging niche–let’s say, for example, “Watermelons,” but I’m struggling to come up with unique and compelling ideas to present them.

So far, I’ve tried the obvious “Give me 10 unique ways to turn a public domain book from the early 1900s about Watermelons into a series of compelling and interesting blog posts. Please think outside the box.” But ChatGPT still can’t seem to come up with the ideas I’m looking for.

That’s why I’m turning to you, the community, for help. Do you have any suggestions for prompts or approaches I could take to get ChatGPT to generate the kind of content I’m looking for? Any tips or tricks that have worked for you in the past? Or, do you know of any existing AIPRM prompts that would accomplish something similar to my question?

I appreciate any and all input. Thank you!

ChatGPT isn’t made to think outside the box. It is made to react to the prompt you tidily put inside the prompt box, to reach into its data box, and predict the most likely pattern of tokens to follow that prompt. It never, ever, thinks outside of those parameters.

That’s the main reason I would never, ever, use it for content creation. By design, it can only copy what it has seen - not exactly, but in terms of the most common patterns, phrasing, etc. It is never creative. It wasn’t really built to be.

What it excels at is imposing patterns - structure, order, conventions. This makes it a superb editor rather than a writer. Put your text in and ask it to correct your typos, your grammar, to reorganize your copy into a better order… All of those things play to its strengths.


Don’t ask GPT for ideas about a book it knows nothing about. Note everything you found interesting in the book. Paste everything into ChatGPT. Then ask for content. Experiment with different prompts to get what you want. Here’s a prompt that helps you write prompts: PromptGenerator · Chat GPT Users

Alternatively, paste 3000-word chunks of the book into ChatGPT, have it summarise it for you, then use the summaries in the prompts.