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I am reaching out to request your assistance in liking my prompt so that I can share it with others. As a writer, I have put a lot of time and effort into crafting my prompt, and I believe it has the potential to inspire others.

Link to my Prompt:

Thanks in advance slight_smile:

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Thanks I saw that one already, need to check it out.
Also moved this to the new category Promote your AIPRM Prompt

Just like inside AIPRM you need to give your topic a good title

Thank you for providing this amazing tool. I have asked my WhatsApp followers to subscribe and use it as well.

I am finding it difficult to reach 5 likes. Is there any other way to make it more widely known? (other than changing the Title)

To reach 5 likes, just create a good prompt that has utility for more than just your own needs (i.e. other people will be likely to try it) and be patient. If you create a prompt that can’t get 5 likes on its own merit then one of the following is almost certain:

  1. It might be too ‘niche’ too specialised and nobody else is finding it useful in a short time. It may take longer for very specialized prompts that are useful to only a few people to reach 5 users, never mind 5 likes.

  2. It might be too similar to already existing and more proven prompts that do the same essential thing, so while it may be good, people are going with the version that already has lots of likes and feedback as more ‘proven’.

  3. It is even possible that people simply don’t like it as much as you’d hoped and are finding it disappointing. If neither reason 1 or 2 applies, then 3 is the next most likely. Consider withdrawing that attempt and finding a way to improve it and make it more useful, and you’ll know when you have, because it will get likes.

The one thing never, ever to do, is to try to create a little promotion cartel, swapping likes for each other’s prompts. That’s not helping any of the actual users, nor the future of AIPRM, and is the kind of abuse we’d have to create systems (and bans) for.


Awesome, I just reposted this in the “About this category” post here @Ammon


Thanks for your comment, I will change the prompt and try other subjects.


Take a look at this … and upvote if you agree.


Totally agree!
This is the right solution specially for people with specific audiences.
@aiprm-christophc @Ammon

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I totally agree, its exactly what’s needed.

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I am curious why the NDA did not include attorney’s fees provisions, mandatory mediation, integration, and even more specific purpose, intent, and id of parties provisions. I am playing catch up and trying to learn by reading and studying. Is the Corporate Lawyer a book? that chatGPT relied upon for document template?

Folks just remember that there are no licensed lawyers here, and both OpenAI and AIPRM exclude any legal advice from Acceptable Use.

Whatever “legal text” generated by OpenAI is not legal advice.

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