Hiding Prompts during testing...?

Unless I missed it, I have been unable to find any option to completely hide a prompt from anyone but the author. While I understand that part of the idea of this format is the collaboration aspect, there should be a way to add some sense of privacy to it as well. I have found in my quest to learn to craft great prompts, it’s always helpful to be as detailed and as specific as possible. In my opinion, it would be helpful to be able to build in specific ideas, or processes in these prompts without fearing that you might be giving up a business’ “secret sauce”. That is to say, I do not want to get too specific about my business or processes, because there’s no real ability to protect that info from the rest of the world seeing it. Is there a way that you could test prompts under some sort of privacy setting that would allow you to be as specific as you’d like…and then if the prompt works, you could remove proprietary information before allowing others to view it and analyze it’s contents?

Once it has been made generalized, the collaboration could continue.


If you don’t set the prompt to “Public”, then it is non-public, i.e. private to you.


That’s kind of the reason ‘Private Prompts’ exist, and certainly is why (I believe) there are any included in the Free Plan - they are a way to build, test, and refine prompts you want to later make public. In that that makes for better built, better tested, more refined prompts made public to all users, that’s great for the hundreds of thousands who use AIPRM to gain access to a huge array of pre-built, pre-perfected prompts they can use.

As a marketer, my understanding (I am not an AIPRM employee) is that the users of prompts are the market. The few thousand makers of prompts are not the market, they are the suppliers who use AIPRM as a distributor, to bring their prompts (and thus their brand) to those hundreds of thousands of users. It makes complete sense once you recall that the authors of prompts are not paid, and that their reward is all in the publicity and distribution, the branding and reach.

Private Prompts are something that some users want, so AIPRM allows for that as an upgrade. But as a non-employee Marketer, there’s also an added level of risk in that. Do you know something that really, massively dis-incentivizes sharing? It’s when people take what is shared and don’t share in turn. People using the public prompts to create their own private prompts, with no attribution or thanks to the original author is a bad, bad thing. It’s toxic to the whole culture of community and sharing. And if the sharing stops, that audience disappears. The whole thing collapses.

Anyway, enough of the deeper sidebar - you should find that the two free Private Prompts do what you are asking, and if you need more than 2 before releasing one as a free Public Prompt, there’s upgrades in the Premium Plans