Highlighting Keywords in ChatGPT's Output - Need Help!

Hello! I have been working with ChatGPT for a few weeks now. My task is to create a brief summary (100-200 words) of a 1-2k word article, including relevant keywords and semantic keywords.

While ChatGPT appears to understand what semantic and relevant keywords are, it does not highlight them as “bold” even though I have requested it to do so using keyword. Do you have any suggestions for how I can get ChatGPT to follow my request and highlight the keywords in the output text? It sometime just write them all in the end of the text :frowning:

The output renders as markdown.

Have you tried telling "Enclose important words between double asterisk, “**”?


Thank you for your help, prompt works. It started highlighting the important words for the content, maybe not as many as I asked it to, but it’s already a good step. Thank you very much for your assistance, I will continue experimenting with this. @aiprm-christophc