How can I upgrade my plan?

Hi, I recently purchased the annual Plus plan. If I wish to upgrade to the next plan, what steps should I take? I have come across information suggesting that I simply need to cancel my current plan and purchase the new one. However, I am concerned about the money I have already paid. Thank you

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When you switch to a different subscription plan with AIPRM, nothing is lost. Your initial subscription remains active until the end of its paid period, running alongside your new plan and combining their quotas. This means you retain the full value of your first plan even when upgrading to a higher level.

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Thank you. I think it would be most convenient for me to wait until my subscription expires, which is in one year. I have no interest in having both plans simultaneously. Also, I have a question - Is there any way I can access the * AIPRM Verified Prompts? Thanks again

AIPRM Verified Prompts require AIPRM Pro or higher plan, as mentioned here:

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Thanks. Unfortunately I have just purchased the Plus plan. I thought I could upgrade by paying only the price difference. Thanks again

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