How do I adjust the sidebar padding?

How can I adjust the sidebar padding? I want to have a dropdown button on it so that it would be easier to scroll. Can you please assist? Are you able to do that?

This happened after I installed the AIPRM. Thanks

Pretty much every time someone reports a display issue it is that they have installed 2 different extensions both trying to modify the same browser window, conflicting, and wrecking it. This is what you would expect when installing multiple extensions that were not specifically designed to work together and are both trying to modify the same code at the same time.

The Greatly Simplified Explanation of Conflicts

Extension Conflict with AIPRM - no support, test or endorse of other ChatGPT extensions in parallel to AIPRM

Has anyone got help with this? The sidebar is 80% useless. It lists Templates, Clear Conversations, My Plan, AIPRM Forum, Setings, ETC…

I have ONE or TWO lines that show my Chat History and I have to scroll infinitely to get a glimpse of some old prompts. How do you resize the sidebar or fix this?