How Do I specify a requirement for a word count?

I’m producing Google Business Posts. I need a word count of between 100-180 words per post. Chat GPT will not follow my directions. How should I phrase this requirement?



One thing that always improves results is giving some examples along with your prompt, so you could certainly do that. However, before worrying too much about ‘how’, I’d very much encourage further consideration of whether the ‘why’ makes sense. Google are very, very much against using AI for this kind of purpose. To the folks at Google, they believe that if the humans at a business can’t think of anything interesting to say about a business, say nothing at all. It may not be easy for Google to detect such a small text as being AI generated, but the penalty if they do so can be very, very harsh, losing the business listing altogether.


Word count constraint is difficult to achieve. I’ve been trying it myself for some of my prompts, but doesn’t work. In fact I tried to check if there was an issue with prompt instructions, not the case though. Unsure if it is the same with GPT 4.0. For GPT 3.5 it doesn’t seem to work yet.

I tried “Adhere to a desired word count [Word Count]” and “Strive for a word count [Word Count]”

if this works for you, please let me know as well. Thank you

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I believe the most reliable way to achieve this is by using the GPT-4 Code Interpreter model with a prompt like:

Use the python tool to ensure that the written post has a maximum of X words.