How to force chatgpt to create longer sections?

No matter how I try, I cant get chatgpt (3,5 or 4) to create more than 80-100 words per section, before a new headline is created.

I would like an article with like 8-12 sections with subheadline, but each section needs to have 200-300 words. Chatgpt doesnt do that.

When using language models, one of the main things to watch is that you use language that it can understand clearly.

You’ve used the term ‘Headlines’ where in normal language patterns, any news article will only ever have one Headline, and multiple headlines on a page will each be the headline for a different story or piece.

The more standard language is ‘Headings’ and ‘Subheadings’, and because it will have seen those much, much more often, it will have a far better, broader, and deeper understanding of those words/terms.

Prompt Engineering is very largely about being more specific, more careful, and eliminating anything vague or unhelpful in a prompt, in order to make that prompt as clearly understandable to the AI Natural Language Processing as we can.


Thank you. I will try that.


You could ask ChatGPT to generate a verbose outline for the content you’re trying to generate. Then, merge and edit its content from each point from the outline. What helps real writers create longer content should help ai create longer content. If you were an english teacher, how would you encourage a student to be more exploratory in the content they write?

Following the advice generated by ChatGPT here should help you create better writing prompts.