How to prevent being deceived by AI technology

When I was about to write this article, I was ready to be targeted by those big villains, but in order to save more innocent people from being hurt, I still have to share the method, because Spider-Man was Not stopping the bad guy in time caused his uncle to be hurt by that bad guy, so I don’t want to be the Spider-Man who falls into remorse.
Okay, let’s stop talking nonsense, because the current AI technology is developing rapidly, and bad people have also begun to learn to use AI technology to deceive people. The news I saw this morning showed that a rich man was cheated of 4.3 million yuan by a scammer using AI technology Fortunately, 3.36 million yuan was recovered. The scammer used AI face-changing and AI dubbing to pretend to be the friend of the rich man, and then complete the fraud. But it’s just enough to cheat money. I’m afraid that this technology will be used by human and organ trafficking organizations to cheat, kidnap or even harm innocent children. Imagine that a certain organ of the high-ranking dignitaries is aging and needs a certain child How absurd is it to use AI technology to fake the illusion that his mother was hospitalized due to a car accident, and arrange for the killer to intercept the child halfway, and then ask the police to do a fake investigation, and finally announce that it was the AI technology that caused the trouble! This is simply a blasphemy against life!
I don’t want to see such a tragedy happen, so I combined some of my experiences to come up with countermeasures to deal with this scam:

  1. The security word mechanism, this mechanism was originally a security measure of the SM community. I am not an SM player, but I have only learned about their culture, so I was inspired, why don’t we use this mechanism to establish a relationship with our children? What about some kind of safe word? In other words, it is a secret code. In a critical moment, both parties need to give a secret code to take further action, which will increase the cost of the scammer, because the most essential thing for AI fraud or AI organ trafficking is a data set, that is, a person’s For all network information, if the cost of crawling a person’s data set is too high, then the scammer will give up, so it can be judged that the scammer will not be very deep in obtaining the data set of ordinary people. When it comes to passwords, the scammer will be completely exposed at this time , thus protecting ourselves and our families.
  2. Multi-faceted consultation. When suspected AI technology fraud occurs, please be sure to call and verify with relevant personnel. If the situation does not match the actual situation, it is recommended to contact the police immediately.
  3. Pay attention to protecting personal privacy. Although it is difficult to protect personal privacy in the online world, it is best to protect some secrets that only relatives know, because that may become your magic weapon at critical moments, similar to the security word mechanism.
    Conclusion: AI technology brings innovation and opportunity, but it also brings destruction and harm, which is inseparable from the nature of our human society, good and evil, oh, that old question, which is why Musk and Sam Altman reached a consensus. The reason for the establishment of an AI regulatory mechanism is the inferiority of human beings. I think they can go a step further and establish an “international network security special police force” to prevent transnational telecommunications fraud and keep innocent people from being hunted by evil wolves. May the Creator bless us, in the vast universe, as carbon-based organisms, sometimes only a sliver of faith can support us to move forward.
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