How to switch back to ChatGPT-4 from GPT-3.5? after hitting the limit and starting next day?

Hi awesome support forum and the people here:)
I’ve been looking for details on how to switch from the GPT-3.5 model to GPT-4 after hitting the limit?


Using the model selector:

Hi, thanks, but after reaching the limit, it ask me to chose GPT.3.5 to continue, and next day I cannot see how to go back to ChatGPT 4?
Thanks in advance!

That is probably not possible anymore in the current conversation at the moment. You will have to start a new conversation using the GPT-4 model.

I’m sorry to hear that! However, will I be unable to interact with previous prompts in the new conversation, even if I use Keymate AI search? Is there another solution to this problem? I would like to continue communicating with the information provided earlier.

Thank you.

And by the way, another thing, when using AIPRM I’m not able to use the upload picture in the conversation/ chat window?

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ChatGPT is currently experiencing difficulties with file uploads, both with and without AIPRM. However, it seems to be functioning normally now, at least with images:

I believe you cannot switch models in an existing conversation, so I would recommend contacting OpenAI support to clarify this.

Thanks for your feedback, but in my chat window this picture upload is not visible?

Try disabling other browser extensions for ChatGPT: