How to utilize chatgpt

What are the best ways to get chatgpt towork for you and help you make money?

Look for the ways in which it can empower you instead of replace you.

The stupidest, craziest thing I’m seeing right now is people using ChatGPT to do stuff for them, instead of with them. If ChatGPT can do what you can do, then what value do you add to any of the millions of people who could simply ask ChatGPT to do the exact same task without you?

Those people are not waiting for any robot takeover, they are actively advertising that they are completely replaceable even with the level of current AI, and thus have no future.

If ChatGPT can write articles for you, then it can as easily write them directly for the publisher, or more importantly, for the reader, making you a completely unnecessary middle-man. If ChatGPT can write code for you, then again, it could just as easily write the code for the end consumer. You’d be spending time advertising your own redundancy.

Instead, look at what you bring to the equation. Your added value. The tasks, insights, or experience that is not replaceable. What exactly those valuables are is going to vary from person to person - that’s what gives it scarcity value. However, finding your own intrinsic value, the things not able to be replicated with a copy-paste prompt, is where you have a future.

You can chat with ChatGPT at any time. It is an always available, incredibly well-read, always helpful, work buddy, always happy to bounce ideas around with you. But look at ways it can boost you in doing what it can’t. ChatGPT is already doomed - its own makers already building its faster, smarter, better replacement. You have to be smarter, and look at building some value that isn’t redundant.

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Thank you Ammon, your suggestion also made me reflect on my mistakes when using chatGPT, you are right, if you rely too much on AI, then we will be involved in an endless game, only learning and AI Collaboration can maximize its role and its own value, rather than being a parasite. Thank you so much for your suggestion, it’s really great! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Friend, we are only at a historical point. You can use new technologies to enjoy the dividends of the old era, but this is not a long-term solution, and because the current technology is spreading rapidly, your “advantage” is very weak. :thinking:


And even in China, chatGPT technology is spreading at an astonishing speed under the condition of technology control. The price of relevant courses taught by “missionaries” is only 5 US dollars. The course content mainly includes registration, how to use and what aspects Helpful, yes, I understand your surprise at this situation, but every country has its own difficulties, and the current situation relatively gives people more time to adapt and think, although only 5 years In my mind, society is built on the basis of “you will starve to death if you don’t eat for 7 days”. It is really important to leave this buffer period, because it will make it unsuitable for the new era. people prepare early.

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