I just wasted one of my few GPT 4 prompts because the public prompt I used was in some other language. I thought these were supposed to work in any language. There was no indication that it was a german only prompt. Everything was in English until I hit enter and all the output was in some other language.


Hey David, welcome!

I think you well describe why AIPRM Verified Prompts: The Key to Your Success make sense for many.

The current limitations of GPT-4 drive this to extreme.

Many prompts are unreliable, and as you can imagine, many asked for our help in this matter.

Result: AIPRM Verified Prompts

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Sadly there are no Google Ads verified prompts. I made my own and I tried to follow all the rules. Is there a way to get mine verified? If you can give me any pointers to make mine more compatible I would appreciate it.


With all your years of experience, David, I expect it will be great. For any that don’t know David, I’ve known him since the days of Webmaster Radio having their IRC chat channel, so that’s some long, long old years in SEO.

I’d say you have a good chance, but focus first on getting those 5 ‘thumbs up’ votes to go from an ‘Upcoming Prompt’ (which counts against your quotas) to a full public prompt (which is completely free of all quota limitations). Make yourself a decent post to promote your prompt and explain what it does and how to use it for people to test and try.

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I just woke uo at saw your prompt @Ogletree having 6 votes already, looks like quality

I will certainly check it out, and give you feedback.

If it qualifies for AIPRM Verified, we can discuss it deeper in the AIPRM Verified Author group.