Human Written | Full SEO Optimized Article | Stop Writting Issue despite asking to continue

hello i am french i use google translate

when I was a chatgpt 4 subscriber I often used this prompt, it worked very well as soon as it stopped I pressed the “continue writing please” button or I simply asked it to continue, but today I I stopped my subscription and went back to GPT3 and when I ask him to continue the article, he just starts again every time, does this problem only exist with the free version of chatgpt 3, or is it another issue ?

Please read this post as it will be helpful to you. Also, please keep your input under 4000 tokens.

How to Fix “Continue Writing” issue in AIPRM Prompt


oh thank you so much it works :slight_smile:

do i have to use english, or can i use french despite the “default language” ?