I paid for AIPRM Pro and cant access it

It says my account has AIPRM free on chatgpt but then when I go to AIPRM it says i paid for pro. Whats going on???

You need to ensure you have the SAME account email for both associated. If you’ve used another email with GPT at some point it may be auto-connecting to the wrong one that you didn’t pay for Pro with. There’s lots of other posts covering other issues that might be an issue, so you could browse the forum for those, or faster, use the search function - The magnifying glass icon on top right.

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AIPRM has glitches. I don`t have pro either though I paid for it and obviously there is no support


We apologize for the difficulties you’re experiencing. Our support team is already communicating with you through the support portal. We appreciate your patience.

Hi Tibor,

I need assistance with two issues:

First - at subscribing process I was told to use summer17 code for discount 17% 2x17for yearly rate, however it wasn’t a place where to insert the code…

Second- I can’t see the paid account on chatgpt

thanks for your assistance

Hello, I’m sorry to hear about the inconvenience you’ve experienced.

This particular discount code is only valid for the AIPRM Elite plan and not for other AIPRM Premium plans.

To apply the discount code to the AIPRM Elite plan, simply visit https://app1.aiprm.com/pricing, select the AIPRM Elite plan and apply the code during the checkout process.

To confirm if your ChatGPT OpenAI account is linked to the correct AIPRM account and shows the accurate AIPRM Account Level, please check the “Your AIPRM Account” link in ChatGPT.

Same, I pay for premium and can’t access it.

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties. Please contact our support team at hello@aiprm.com.

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