I seem to be getting a different output than instructed

I am using the elite plan in combination with my own Live Crawl prompt. But it’s giving a total different output. Before I had a very similar prompt, but I decided to improve it a little, but it’s not working at all anymore!

It just repeats my prompt and wants to improve it…

What do I need to tweak for it to work again?

I think you have a problem in your prompt format for the Live Crawling or Prompt Variables,
if you can share it, would be better.

Here is the prompt

We want company-specific attributes to be added. Like Location, Space for a variable for a FAQ Seqtion (we will input the questions in this variable - we use AIPRM), Main Keyword, Related Keyword, Unique Selling Points.

Ask me now questions you need to perfectionize the prompt afterwards.

You are literally asking ChatGPT to provide a better prompt…
and the crawled text is put in the prompt where it’s being totally ignored.
So, that’s so obvious and logical.