If I subscribe to the $5 plus plan,

If I subscribe to the $5 plus plan, do I have access to CHATGTP 4 or do I also have to subscribe to ChatGTP PLUS? And another question, can I subscribe from Spain?

The answer from this new user is wrong, therefore deleted.

AIPRM Verified Prompts are only included in AIPRM PRO,
as can be read on the Pricing Table and announcement we have here.

What was maybe meant is

  • To unlock ChatGPT Plus you must sign up with OpenAI
  • To unlock AIPRM Access verified prompts, you must subscribe to AIPRM PRO.
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Open.ai Plus is a service they offer and charge for.

AIPRM is a service from another company that offers a plugin to make Chat GPT.

AIPRM is the mustard to the GPT hot dog.