Inappropriate posting by a newbie

I have been flagged for a post that was inappropriate. I have not posted much and cannot find the inappropriate post. I do not come here to be a problem, I come here to learn. Please help!

I didn’t flag it, but I can see that it is under review. I’ll see what I can find out, but for now it is simply being reviewed.

what post is being reviewed?

It’s the camera shot prompt. Maybe it was the ‘golden showers’ joke? :slight_smile:

I used a in- continuity scene between to elderly people as an example of how the prompt works. I don’t remember any golden shower comment. I am in the process of shooting that video as we speak.

I was half-joking, though there was a part of your script that could easily be taken as a reference to golden showers - the two characters talking about their bladders, bodily functions, and then golden years and golden bathroom tips… I personally didn’t find it offensive, but as I say, I wasn’t the one that flagged it for review. I’ve asked for further info, but right now I think I’m the only moderator online, so we’ll just have to wait for a response and clarification.

However, remember what I said - I didn’t flag it for review, so I am waiting to hear from the one that did as to what they found inappropriate before I decide whether I agree or not with whatever they saw in it. Thanks for your patience. Please don’t think of it as a punishment or criticism of yourself. No action has been marked against your activity, ability to post, etc. This is simply a moderator who felt that the post might be inappropriate and flagged it for review.

Hope that’s helpful in explaining what’s happening.

Absolutely and thank you. I understand its not what’s said but how it is received. The script used is not important, another script can be used, Its the prompt I want available to the populace.

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Okay so I found what the moderator who flagged your post was worried about. It was your email link.

This is a public community site, and can be crawled and indexed by search engines (and by other bots). Sharing your email in such a place, just like publishing it on any other page that email scraper bots can find and add to their email spam lists, is not just a possibility of spam to beware of, but a near certainty to result in spam, and a security risk to anything where your email is the account name and thus they only have to guess or brute-force the password. So the moderator was right to have concerns, especially given that it was not necessary for the post, nor added anything meaningful to it. After all, if someone wants to reply or ask questions, this is already a perfect, safe place to do so in.

Anyway, it has all been resolved now, I believe, and hopefully you understand all that happened and why.

I totally understand! You say it has all been resolved, does that mean my email address has been removed?

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