I've a concern about my prompt I created a couple of weeks ago

I’m reading the AIPRM forum’s rules and community guidelines properly. But I’ve a concern about the prompt I created a couple of weeks ago. One of my prompts has 5+ votes now and while reading the contest rules I encountered confusion. The rule “Note: Multiple entries ONLY possible after 5 upvotes on your 1st prompt entry. These should be a separate topic in Promote your AIPRM Prompt” is confuse me. Need help.

Are those 5 votes since it was entered into the contest? The entire point of the contest is to create a fun incentive for people to create new, additional prompts that everyone can use. If the prompt wasn’t created for the contest, then it really isn’t doing that, and isn’t eligible.

No sir! Those 5 votes aren’t since I was entered into the contest. But those 5 votes are since I created it. So, that’s the reason why I better prefer to ask question before promoting my prompt. I’m still reading the rules and guidelines so, I can familiar with the AIPRM.

If it isn’t a new prompt created for the contest, then it isn’t eligible for the contest.

Got it! I’ll keep it in mind and try to follow the rules and guidelines.

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