Lay-out search window breaks

Hello there,
Today I upgraded my ‘old’ AIPRM to the latest version.
After installing and opening Google Chrome the place where I have to put in the text in the search window is verticle (see image 1).
The second search this is somewhat better (see image 2).
After a third search everything is fine again (see image 3).
Any idea how can I fix this?
Or is this related to the openai website?
Greetings, Ton

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image 2

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Please remove all other ChatGPT Extensions

Extension Conflict with AIPRM - no support, test or endorse of other ChatGPT extensions in parallel to AIPRM

Oké thanks!, I will try!
But can I put them back later?
Because I’m told the extension I use can get the info that ChatGPT doesn’t have. I mean data past 2021.
Is that a fact?

Nothing gets past the absolute fact that the training corpus for ChatGPT, and indeed for the GPT LLM it is built on, is a closed dataset with no connection to the Internet, to other databases, or anything else, other than what you supply in your prompt.

The idea of ‘Jailbreak’ prompts is a complete myth, perpetrated by people who simply don’t understand how logical prediction works.