My 2nd Prompt - Get all the Personas and your Qu answered as well!

This prompt is about taking any question you have or tasks you have and getting all the personas you could ever think of specially aligned to your task, and then getting personas to help those personas help you, once it has all that information, it then answers the question for you. Why not, it has gone and got all the details it needs, so it might as well answer the question as well! :wink:

Try my prompt here → Prompt "All the personas and your Qu Answered" by "Simeon Williams/@Sim2K your prompt engineer" - AIPRM for ChatGPT

This link shows the output of the prompt in all its glory.

I created this off the back of one of my previous prompts that gets you all the personas you need but I just added on the actual answer based on the data it got after upgrading your prompt. My previous prompt is better if you are crafting a new prompt and want to get a good start.

Please give it a thumbs up if you like it. Thank you. :pray:t5:

It takes a question like this …

“How can I sell my home in the UK?”

and gives you…

  1. All the personas you need and why you need them
  2. A second list of personas and how they help the 1st list of personas to help you
  3. 5 Tips based on your question/task
  4. 3 websites based on your question/task
  5. Five unconventional tips that can help you
  6. A nice table of all the personas and the expertise

As described in other posts and DMs please correct the terminology in your AIPRM Prompt and description, it is confusing atm.

Personas is a term used differently and very narrow defined in Marketing, not as you use it here.

Relevant section in our rules.


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Thank you , aiprm-Christophc.

Just to clear up any confusion, this prompt is not about Marketing in anyway. This is a prompt to upgrade your prompt about anything, from a question, to a task about anything.

See an example here of how this prompt can be used for anything.

This is an example of my ChatGPT prompt being asking about left over food in the fridge.

As I said, this is nothing to do with Marketing, but if there is still confusion on the general term of the use of the word ‘persona’ on this platform, I can change it to role. Please let me know.

Yes of course there is still confusion. You cannot argue your way out of this,

and no AIPRM user will go to the forum to search for your posts of how you mean it

Your Prompt description is misleading up to 560,000 AIPRM users, and that thereby directly violates our Prompt Template Guidelines.

We have made very clear that the word “Persona” is used specific to Marketing, and not in any other ways as you described, which may be valid in any other contexts/reasons - but not in AIPRM.

Otherwise we’ll just remove them, like 100s of other confusing/wrong/misleading prompts.



Just to really clear up the apparent confusion where it actually lies, you’ll note that this entire category is about ‘Promotion’ - that’s Promotion as in one of the 4P’s of Marketing, and meant entirely in the Marketing sense. Posting here is a marketing activity. Promoting your prompt is a marketing activity. Just wanting more people to use your prompt is entirely, and unequivocally a marketing activity.

The current majority usage and ‘market’ for AIPRM is marketing. That’s not really surprising given that the main use of ChatGPT right now is to produce content, or at the very least, to assist with a broader content production process. Your average Bricklayer, Road-Sweeper, Check-out operator, Postal Worker, Line Cook, etc. etc. doesn’t have much need or use for producing content. That may change in future, where anyone might turn to ChatGPT to give them some pick-up lines or jokes they can add to their repertoire, but that’s not today.

If someone today were to be looking for some funny pickup lines, it is extremely unlikely they’d use words like “Comedic Persona” in their search, rather than just “funny”.

The secondary majority market are those using ChatGPT to help with coding and creation. If these people want to talk about ‘Personas’ they’ll almost always be using the Usability related definition, which is remarkably similar to the marketing one. In usability Persona’s differentiate the needs of different types of people who might all need to perform the same task.

When you fail to understand these things, someone will often try to help you. Stop arguing with them and instead be grateful for the help. A constantly argumentative tone is completely against the rules (and spirit) of the community.

Hello, @aiprm-christophc , I messaged you this morning privately saying I would update it today to remove the word ‘persona’ from the title and description, etc, in AIPRM. I’ve done that but it seems you have delisted my prompt already because the word Persona used to be in it. Even though it’s been updated, and has 12 votes, I can’t make it public again. So it seems the word Persona is not allowed anywhere in here or in my own personal prompts inside AIPRM. Even though I’ve changed it, I am now unsure what to do.

I’m rather tired of this false narrative and gaslighting. The use of the word ‘Persona’ where it is accurate and helpful is entirely allowed and even encouraged. See: Buyer Persona Creator based on site URL to see that this is self-evident truth. Correct use of the terminology of Personas, in a prompt, listed and promoted.

The use of any word that is misleading is not allowed if we feel it may disappoint or confuse users. The problem is not the word, but your misuse use of it in ways that are likely to mislead and disappoint users of AIPRM.


It IS tireding indeed, and we will certainly not spend another day with fruitless discussions about basic terminology.