New ChatGPT version May 24

New ChatGPT version for me - this was May 12 just moments ago…

ah yes, it’s Friday.


Every DevOp and IT Manager in the world:

“No rollouts on Friday!”

OpenAI: Ah, it’s Friday, here’s our new stuff. Good luck and happy weekend everyone in our food chain.

Bonus points: you have the whole EXTENDED weekend to fix your stuff, so it’s ready next week…

#AIPRM #devop openai #chatgpt #rollout #foodchain

Not sure if something breaks until Tuesday, but we’ll not be able to react until then.

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It didn’t get better, just when my Better Browsing Prompt worked well the 2nd day and was close to publishing

This nonsense is repeatable, including the repetive browsing of Zapier content marketing.

I shall salute you sympathetically with my Friday beer(s), Christoph. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

…but they have “browser based functionality” OMG

Last time I was so annoyed was when I asked unfiltered GPT3 to review some of my articles… and it was not very kind
:crazy_face: :angry: :rofl:

Hey, I have problems too. Do you know how hard it is to attempt to look sympathetic with a glass of beer in hand, really cool but loud pub music making the feet tap, and trying to wipe off the beer-foam moustache? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, you and the OpenAI people
While I am trying to fix my stuff

OpenAI’s official “continuation” function launched on May 20 is simply the best Valentine’s Day gift for me! :partying_face:


Just so you guys all know, it’s still bad with the “May 24” release and didn’t go away over the long weekend.

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