Paid accounts inaccessible when you travel; This can't be

I have PAID accounts on openai and aiprm and I have learned that you will lose access when you travel. I travel a lot as do many other people. As a matter of fact, I spend time in multiple countries in a year. I can no longer access my chatgpt account which aiprm is attached to. It gets worse, there is no way to contact them without logging in but I can’t log in because the site is blocked… I have been logging in for weeks. I want full use of both platforms; what can I do?

I’m just a Moderator here, not one of AIPRMs technical staff, but I’m pretty sure you can log into AIPRM anywhere that you can log into a Google account. Here’s a few things that may or may not be worth considering as you try to figure your issues out:

OpenAI has had heavy usage, been limiting access, and on top of that it had 2 complete outages where the servers went down entirely. Check that your problems in access haven’t been during the times when access was impossible from anywhere because the servers were down.

I have no idea where you are travelling to and from, but there are certain countries in the world that block access to some Western domains, or curtail what people can connect to. Make sure to check and eliminate that as a possible cause that would have nothing to do with OpenAI.

Once you have eliminated both of those alternative possibilities, I’m afraid your only realistic options is going to be trying to find another means of reaching OpenAI support, or, just waiting until you travel back home.

Thank you for this feedback.

I have not been able to access OPENAI today and I am in Vienna, Austria. I receive “BAD GATEWAY…” In the past when I was using the FREE account, I would not be able to login but once I moved to the paid account, I have not experienced any problems. I upgraded my AIPRM account just a few days ago because I am getting more comfortable with how I am using the platforms. When you query Google it says OPENAI had no outages today. I tried to contact them today via LinkedIn and I thought about going to Twitter but felt that was a bit extreme.

As for when I am going back home; well, not an option given my entire 2023/24 is planned out, outside of U.S. If

Welcome @Arnitha_Webb

1/ OpenAI and AIPRM are 2 different companies.

2/ If ChatGPT is not working, it’s an outage by OpenAI - see more here

They’ve had outages for the past 48 hours,
so this is unrelated to you, your upgrade or your travelling.

So I found a forum with people all around the world having the exact same issue and it has to do with us using a GOOGLE ACCOUNT to authenticate into a Pro Account. I do understand that you are separate companies but the services are sort of married. I appreciate this forum and what you’re doing.

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Correlation != Causation

We’ve launched the PRO feature 5 days ago.

3 of those days now (and counting) OpenAI has major outages.

So long outages that even Google could react and launch their BARD waiting list :wink:

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