Planetary computing automation system

The purpose of this plan is to realize the overall planning and visualization of planetary system data through powerful computing power and AI technology, so as to further complete the reasonable allocation of resources. Yes, the Soviet Union once tried to establish such a system, but it was only limited to the country : “National Computing Automation System”, however, the integration of resources should not be limited to the concept of a country, that would limit this idea and slow down the progress of human beings entering a new era. Therefore, the “Planetary Computing Automation System” is what makes this idea perfect The best solution to implement. In this way, another level will be added on the basis of the “National Computing Automation System” envisioned by Academician Viktor Glushkov: “Planetary Computing Automation System”. In addition, the highest level of mastermind is most suitable to be set in Antarctica, which is full of romance. breath. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: