Pro to Elite Upgrade


I still don’t understand the point about the plan upgrade. At the moment I use the AIPRM Pro version, billed annually. But now would like to upgrade to Elite.

Will I be credited or credited for the unused Pro months when I upgrade to Elite?

Same question here: is it possible to upgrade without loosing the whole money already payed? When I activated pro, the only other account was titan. No elite was available.

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Hello @Der_Ringo and @MarkusK

I’m happy to hear that you would like to use the Elite plan, which is a lot more powerful, understandable, than the Pro plan.

Here is how it works in AIPRM,

  1. Upgrading by adding a plan, not replacing
  2. New plan does not mean (partial) refund or credit.
  3. How to cancel your old plan after getting a new one.

This is the 100% identical behavior to how we’ve been selling subscriptions since 2009 in my SaaS LinkResearchTools, for example.

I understand and know that there are some companies who do offer pro-ratios, partial refunds, upgrade/downgrade credits and similar when users switch between plans, and also use a lot of staff for customer invoices, reverse charge, etc. We don’t support any of such complex use cases.

We don’t offer any preliminary contract termination/adoption/migration, to keep things simple and automatable.

Thanks for your understanding.

So if you want to purchase an Elite plan, you can do so, on top of your existing Pro plan.
And I would recommend to do that before the price increase April 17.

You will not “lose” your Pro plan, but have it active for the purchased contract time.

Yes, the Elite plan was launched three days after the Pro plan, but we may be offering yet another plan in the future and that will also not be a reason to do any early contract migrations/terminations/partial/refunds as mentioned above.