Prompts are the new sourcecode

Today I wrote another personal 1000+ word prompt for a very specific and complex task.

I am absolutely pleased with the GPT-4 output for that project, where I spent a few hours using that prompt, for results that would ME take days, others maybe weeks.

I will continue to build out many more results in scary fast times… from this one special task prompt.

Just like I built a complete Email automation backend in the last days, besides all others things going on.

There’s no way you can get around learning how to prompt right. It is not a “hack” or.a temporary workaround.

Prompts are the new sourcecode.


aiprm-christophc Thats great, but only if you are clever enough to know how to write a prompt. Im just so greatfull to the people on this site, that allow me and probably others to use their promts.
Thanks Everyone
Buck :grinning: